Swedish karate team star WKF speaks about upcoming home European Championship

Swedish karate team star WKF speaks about upcoming home European Championship

About a year later, on May 12-16, 2021, the best karatekas of Europe will perform at the continental championship in Sweden. The tournament in Gothenburg will be the last stage of the Olympic qualification rating – and thereby increases the value of victory in each round.

Swedish karatekas are delighted with the opportunity to compete in the European Championships at home. The statement of one of the local stars, Hana Antunovich, leads the press service of WKF.

Khan Antunovich: “We have not had tournaments of this level for the past 40 years. Everyone is very excited. I look forward to the opportunity to speak at home.
This is really a great event for in Sweden. I look forward to home competitions, it will be exciting. I’m already training hard!
Now, because of the situation with coronavirus, it’s hard to train like we used to. Most of the events are canceled, but I try to be in better shape, I will prepare for the European Championship! Now the main thing is to try to find a new motivation for training.
Fortunately, we have beautiful nature in Sweden, so I can spend a lot of time outdoors. You need to be as creative as you can at this time. ”

28-year-old Hana Antunovich – the owner of the first Dan in karate setokan. The athlete performs in the category over 68 kg. In the Olympic ranking, the Swede is in 42nd position. Of the great achievements of Antunovich, the “bronze” of the World Cup 2018 and the “bronze” of the European Championship 2017 stand out.

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