Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka passed away

Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka passed away

On May 15, the sad news came that Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka, 7th dan (Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka) passed away.

Shihan Tanaka was the national representative of KWF in Japan.

Noriyuki Tanaka began his career in karate in 1977 in Osaka. In 1983, he won the heavyweight category at the Chiba Prefecture Tournament. In 1997, he entered the four of the best fighters at the All-Japan tournament among veterans in the heavy weight category.

Until 2001, he taught at the Chiba Prefecture High School.

Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka was a real Teacher. His dojo in Chiba was not just teaching karate kyokushinkai. It carried a special mission, which Shihan Tanaka, as the head of the dojo, formulated as “the education of modern samurai.” Through all his activities, he sought through physical training to convey to students the most important thing – the importance of nurturing discipline, patience, respect and appreciation. He taught children to be respectful to parents, grateful to others and fair in all situations.

Shihan Tanaka devoted himself entirely to the spread of Kyokushin karate – an art that he was convinced, along with other types of martial arts of Japan, is “a vibrant flower of Japanese culture.”

As a representative of KWF in Japan, Shihan Tanaka and his students have always actively participated in international competitions both within the framework of KWF and within KWU, where they have always shown a high level of training and won prizes. For KWU, Noriyuki Tanaka has always been a great friend and reliable partner that you can always rely on in everything.

In October 2017, at the opening ceremony of the 31st KWF Kyokushin European Championship, Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka was awarded 7th dan as the most active KWF international representative.

Shihan was the organizer of one of the largest international kyokushin tournaments – KWF International Open Tournament “The Karate Grand Prix”. The tournament was held annually in the city of Chiba, gathering hundreds of athletes from different countries and organizations. Without breaking the tradition, despite the severe illness of the Shihan, this tournament was also held in March this year. All participants, athletes, coaches and amateurs of Kyokushin will forever remember The Karate Grand Prix 2020, as an example of the steadfastness and endless devotion to their work that Shihan showed us all.

Respect, decency and devotion are what Shihan Noriyuki Tanaka taught his students and everyone who knew him by his own example. Such people never leave without a trace, their teaching remains to live with students, who, in turn, will pass on to the next generation all the values ​​that Shihan has always instilled.

The bright memory of him will forever remain in our hearts.
The most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones.
With great gratitude and love.

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